Here at Applied Thermal Solutions, we know that in order to offer the best thermal solutions to our clients, we have to work with the best. That’s why we partnered up with the best thermal manufacturers in the industry to give you the best thermal solution available in the market:


MaxiTherm’s 14 years of steam application expertise is the best answer for projects that require
unique steam application solutions, less maintenance, and improves energy efficiency using
high-pressure steam for commercial and domestic hot water.

All major Maxi-therm components including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps, and
accessories are entirely manufactured in the United States.

With Maxi-therm, you’ll get:

Save 20% of energy usage at 125 PSIG steam, save 5.4% of energy usage at 15 PSIG steam

Lower installed cost than other fluid heaters

Utilize steam that is wasted by other heaters

NO dedicated PRV station required

Maxi-Therm factory’s mounted and pre-wired control panel allows continuous supervision and
modification of the parameters by the building automation system, ensuring you’re getting the exact
thermal solution you need.


With Preferred Utilities, you get full access to state-of-the-art combustion control systems, flame
safeguards, PLCs, actuators, and other energy-saving devices that keep your project safe and
cost-friendly while reducing carbon footprint.

Preferred Utilities is an engineering-based manufacturer of products for commercial, institutional,
industrial, and nuclear power facilities.

Preferred Utilities applies continuous research and development on their products including fuel oil handling systems and components, boiler instrumentation and controllers, high-quality burners and nuclear power plant outage reduction tools and component parts.

Preferred Utilities is the answer to thermal solutions for massive-scale projects.


We offer quick and easy installation, extremely low carbon footprint, and low maintenance costs.

Our mission is to provide energy generation and reclamation solutions through developing proprietary, steam-driven motors, and associated equipment.

Applied Thermal Solutions engineeers, power generators with straight forward design and uncomplicated maintenance.

This top-grade efficient design allows you to get efficient support and complete access to industry-wide parts that you need to keep your thermal equipment running smoothly.


Get high-grade steel products like ASME pressure vessels, petroleum and chemical storage tanks,
water and grease filtration systems, structural steel, mine support arches, and custom steel plate
fabrication with Modern Welding.

Modern Welding Company is the largest underground and aboveground steel tank manufacturer in the United States.

When it comes to Steel Tanks, Storages, and Pressure Vessels, nothing beats Modern Welding


William & Davis offer a complete range of firetube and vertical tubeless steam boilers.

W&D products include steam boilers, vertical steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal fluid heaters and a full range of ancillary equipment.

For 98 years, W&D has built its foundation as a quality global manufacturer of Firetube boilers,
getting quality approval across the globe.

W&D Boilers is the best solution for complex projects that require the highest grade of firetube and steam boiler quality.


Get valve sizing quickly, easily, and reliably. Warren Controls offers HVAC & Building Automation Control Valves, Industrial Control Valves, and Level Controls for massive scale projects. Warren Controls has thrived in the valve industry for over 50 years while serving a wide variety of commercial, industrial, military and OEM customers. Started with regulators designed for HVAC and marine industries, Warren Controls has expanded its products to Building Automation Control Valves, Industrial Process Valves up to ANSI Class 300, and Mechanical Level Controls for deaerators and boilers. If you’re looking for military-grade thermal equipment built with military-grade precision, Warren Controls is what you need.


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