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The goal of this company is to be a design team, working with owners, consulting engineers and construction managers on capital projects. Our engineering capabilities will be utilized to select our specialized line of equipment for the correct applications during the design phase of projects. The concept allows guaranteed equipment costs for accurate construction budgets, quicker equipment delivery. Faster construction schedule with guaranteed start-up performance.

Applied Thermal Solutions was specifically founded to address the typical problem most
construction managers, project engineers, and energy management officers face:

Thermal equipment that doesn’t fit the project’s specification

Here at Applied Thermal Solutions, each of our thermal experts are trained to help you
get the right thermal solution delivered and installed in time.

From the combustion process to the steam quality production, which includes the steam
& condensate distribution network, our team of thermal experts will provide you all the
information, specs, and design you need to help you meet your project’s specifications
and target schedule.

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Whether you are working with a thermal process for a particular industry or for any type of large size buildings like:
We have the exact solutions and expertise to help you get what you need while lowering maintenance and energy costs without compromising your project specifications.


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