• Steam process & building
  • Combustion Applications
  • Oil Pumping System


Engineered Systems for Steam, Fuel Oil Handling and State of the Art Combustion
Maxi-Therm offers complete unique solutions for steam applications. By using a vertical flooded steam heat exchanger, they allow end users to have less mainteance and energy savings by using high pressure steam to heat any liquid for building heat, domestic hot water or liquid process. To know more...
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With instruments and controls provided by Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, you'll have access to state-of-the-art combustion control systems, flame safeguards, PLCs, actuators, and other energy-saving devices. To learn more, click here.
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When it comes to produce steam for whatever application or process, Certruss boiler offer a unique design to save you energy and maintenance cost. We can provide complete skid packages including the boiler feed water system and water treatment section.Click here!
HVAC & Building Automation Control Valves, Industrial Control Valves, Level Controls
HVAC & Building Flow Control Valves
Complete line of gas venting systems for class I, II, III, IV. Pressure stacks and grease
Largest manufacturer of steel Fuel Oil Storage Tanks and Water Separators.
William & Davis offer a complete range of firetube and vertical tubeless steam boilers
Combustion & Steam Innovation
From the combustion process to the steam quality production including the steam & condensate distribution network, Jeff Bailey and his Applied Thermal Solutions team will provide you all the information, specs and design to help you not only to meet your time frame delivery schedule but also to give you the best solutions to meet your customer needs and high expectation.

Whether you are working with a process for a particular industry or for any type of large size buildings (hospitals, universities, colleges and towers) and you need to apply combustion or steam process, we have the expertize and the solutions for lower maintenance and energy cost without having to reduce the performance of your process goals.
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Steam is our passion
Steam applications have never been so easy. When you use a Maxi-Therm unit you avoid the need of using pressure reducing valves, no safety steam valve with any vent to the roof and no condensate return pumps. On top of that, customers make up to 10% energy savings on building heat, domestic hot water and any liquid process applications. Maxi-Therm can design and deliver a complete skid packages including all the controls.

On your next steam job think Maxi-Therm!
in today's world when it's time to design a boiler room, you need to think efficiency, reliability and also maintenance free .We provide not only high quality equipement but also solutions to respond to your customers needs.
  • Microprocessor based controllers
  • High efficiency and alternative/bio-fuel burners
  • Register Burners
  • Thermopack BurnersWaste Fuel Burners
  • Fuel oil handling systems
  • Fuel Flow Measurement
  • Physical and CFD flow modeling
  • Firetube Scotch Marine up to 4 pass
  • Firetube Firebox
  • Vertical Tubeless starting at 10 hp to 125 hp
  • Industrial Condensing Boilers
  • Electric Boilers
  • Hot Fluid Heaters
  • Deaerator, Receiver Tanks & Blowdown Seperators
  • Steam to Glycol or Water Applications
  • Steam to Hot Liquid for Process
  • Instantaneous Steam to Domestic Hot Water
  • Clean Steam Generator
  • Steam Quality Controller
  • Full Skid Package for Building Heat
  • Industrial Build for High Pressure Vessel
  • Bacnet controller with BMS Intergration
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